At Health Coverage Source our vision is to provide the best coverage for your budget, with options and support that is second to none. We are industry leaders in offering group health plans geared towards contractors, small business owners and individuals. Our expertise in the industry has given us access to thousands of products, giving us the ability to provide you with the finest health insurance on the market.

Health Coverage Source’s pledge, “To Contribute to Healthy Lifestyles & Financial Protection”, is our primary focus in every aspect of our company. We are proud to offer comprehensive healthcare plans and free wellness tools as part of our commitment to positive change.


Our company consists of 12 licensed agents working together with support and administrative staff to provide you with the best possible health coverage. The main office of our company is located in Oklahoma City, allowing us to provide insurance coverage in 25 states including AL, AR, AZ, GA, FL, IA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MS, MT, MO, MI, NC, NE, OK, OH, PA,  SC, TN, TX, VA, WI, & WV.


Health Coverage Source is committed to giving you the tools to live a healthy, active life. To achieve this, we offer custom-built health, vision, and life insurance as well as various financial instruments to help you prepare financially for life’s unexpected events.

Our 30-Day Workout Challenge, the Healthy Life Newsletter, our fitness group, and a health and wellness blog are all provided free of charge to people worldwide. 🙂


The majority of the population is either underinsured or paying too much for insurance. This is because the majority of insurance agencies use the “one size fits all” approach. In general, people are grouped according to the overall population, not by their specific situation.

For example, why would someone who is fit, active, and healthy pay as much for insurance as someone with extremely unhealthy habits? On the other hand, if someone has an illness or disease, wouldn’t they need a plan that had better specialized coverage? All insurance is not created equal, and every person is unique.

This the information age. We have robots on Mars. Electric cars can drive themselves. So why do we still purchase the same type of insurance policies as our grandparents did years ago? Our agents at Health Coverage Source create plans specifically for you and your needs. We make sure you obtain the lowest possible premiums while still receiving the best PPO coverage.

Moreover, we wish to encourage everyone to lead a healthy lifestyle. As part of our wellness promotion efforts, we’ve committed to offering free access to all of our wellness resources:

  • Health Coverage Source 30-Day Workout Challenge – Facebook Group
  • Healthy Life Newsletter – Email Signup
  • HCS Fitness Group – Local
  • HCS Health and Wellness Blog –


Our goal is the same as our pledge, “To Contribute to Healthy Lifestyles”. We believe it is the patient’s right to choose their doctor, not their insurance company. Whether you are self-employed, between jobs, or without adequate coverage, everyone should have access to world-class healthcare at an affordable price. For this reason, we offer custom-designed PPO plans – the most doctors, the most facilities within our networks.

We want everyone to have access to the best health coverage and health education.

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